The new generation of pushbutton transmitters.
Specifically for your innovative ideas.
New pushbutton technology
For sensitive and precise control.
Standard versions
Single-, double- or three-level.
Proportional pushbuttons
Ingenious for practical use.
The SMP pushbutton system
Pushbutton replacement for servicing.
For closed housing.
“One minute changeover”
Use screwing tool
Consistently modular
Three sizes
With 6, 8 or 10 pushbuttons.
CDC-key – the “electronic key”

The pushbuttons for the PocketEvo® are individually assigned according to the needs of the customer and his requirements. The parameters are configured at the factory or by authorised specialist personnel.

All data for transmitter detection (e.g. address code) is saved on the CDC-key (Customer Data Collection) together with the customer-specific programming of the pushbuttons.

The CDC-key is generally required for commissioning the transmitter and its central data memory offers huge advantages.
For servicing, a replacement transmitter can be put into operation immediately without a significant loss of time by the CDC-key if this mechanically features the same pushbutton configuration. The CDC-key can be easily screwed into and out of the transmitter with the aid of a screwdriver.
The data is read and the transmitter is immediately ready for use and detects the associated receiver.
Discover additional highlights
Glass fibre reinforced plastic core
Emergency stop according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1/-2
2.3” colour display
Side operating elements (optional)
Circumferential integrated protective rubber
Optional: rotary switches or potentiometers
Belt fixing
Charging contacts for charging cradle
When an idea becomes an innovation
The new development of the PocketEvo® pushbutton transmitter was based on the idea of combining our many years of experience with the suggestions of our customers to develop a new forward-looking handheld transmitter system using the latest technology concepts.

The PocketEvo® is impressive thanks to its extremely pronounced ease of service. The operating buttons can be easily replaced without having to open the housing. When doing so, dust, dirt or moisture in rough surroundings do not play a role. Our newly developed SMP technology (Surface Mounted Pushbutton) make this possible.

Modular. Practical. Individual.
Depending on the type of machine controller, the customer can choose graded SMP pushbuttons with pressure point control or alternatively proportional SMP pushbuttons. These are available as a single-, double- or three-level version. When assigning the SMP pushbuttons, the user has complete freedom of choice and the pushbuttons are programmed according to his specifications. The pushbuttons can be sensitively pressed even when wearing work gloves and guarantee precise control.

Free areas for additional operating elements such as pushbuttons, rotary switches or potentiometers allow for individual extensions according to customer wishes.

The modular concept includes three sizes with 6, 8 or 10 SMP pushbuttons. For the clear display of customer-specific data, the PocketEvo® will also be available with a 2.3“ colour display in subsequent versions.

Compact. Handy. Robust.
The integrated circumferential protective rubber in conjunction with the glass fibre reinforced plastic core offers optimum protection. As a result, all electronic components withstand extreme mechanical influences from the outside. The combination of a highly protective function and ergonomic ease of operation makes the PocketEvo® so unique.

… a good idea has a high level of customer value!
… Infinitely variable control of tower cranes!
… Precise positioning and proportional operation of drilling systems!
… Proportional control of small concrete pumps!
… Navigate boat lifter to within a centimetre!
… Infinitely variable control of indoor cranes with frequency inverter!
… Very precise positioning of heavy loads!
… The pushbutton radio for hydraulic applications!
… Safe and sensitive movement of mobile transport systems!
… Flexible control of conveyor belts!
… Perform underground rock drilling from a safe distance!
… Start scrap presses with a push of a button!
… Precise positioning of skip loader!
… Precise operation of suck and pump vehicles - even with work gloves!
… Fast and safe operation of breakdown vehicles!
… Individual positioning and servicing of amusement rides!
… Very precise alignment of fire fighting monitors!